5 Things People Told Me Were A Waste of Money

(That I Actually Can’t Live Without)

When I was buying for the babies I was lucky enough to have a good budget. But when you excitedly share your purchases with others, a few of them can get a certain reaction. That reaction is ‘why did you buy that? That’s such a waste of money!’. Well almost four months in and I can happily say that at least five of those items are saving my life every single day, especially those days I fly the solo parent flag! Here is a low down of my five items that were totally not a waste of money, thank you very much!

1. A Nappy Bin

We have a Tommie Tippee Sangenic and it has made nappy changes so much easier, especially when its just me with the two little ones. Instead of having to wrap the nappies in as many bags as possible to contain the smell (and the smell still escaping) or having to do a quick dash to the bin outside, I can pop the nappy in the nappy bin and it is smell free and hygienically wrapped away. Then I can move onto the next baby bottom! The refills can be found on offer all the time too, so don’t let people tell you that that will cost you a bomb either. We even have another one upstairs for the night time changes!

2. A Second Bottle Warmer

Again we use a Tommie Tippee one (well, two). When both babies want feeding, I am not going to be waiting around for one bottle to do after another. Pop them both on at the same time and you are good to go. Pop each baby in a rocker (we have used Mamas & Papas Wave since birth) then you can feed them both at exactly the same time and nobody has to wait! When we go to other people’s houses who only have one warmer you can really tell the time difference it saves having two. You can also tell the baby waiting difference!

3. A Self Rocking Rocker

We have a 4moms Mamaroo. Yes, it was expensive. Yes, it only does what a human can do for free. Yes, sometimes they are just as happy in a standard rocker. But I cannot humanly rock two different babies, with the two different ways they want to be rocked, whilst also staying sane and being able to have a drink of water. Even with one baby, you need your hands (and legs) to be able to do other things such as answer the door or even just go to the loo. This rocker is a god send for my babies as it simulates the kind of motion I usually do with them lying on my legs to get them to drift off. They are also obsessed with the reversible balls that come on the little mobile on top. They stare, smile and chatter at them for ages! It has even helped one of ours go to sleep on an especially bad colicky night, so I personally am all for them! (Read this for our review on this rocker!)

4. A Mini Fridge

If you pre-make your formula for the night feeds or pre-express your milk then a mini fridge is a great option for extra storage. You can set the temperature specifically for the babies milk, rather than a generic one for the whole of your fridge and you can even have one upstairs to make night feeds quicker and less of a hassle, with milk being much more accessible. This item is the one I would expect most people to sit and say ‘that is so unneeded’ to and yes it is a bit OTT to some but if it makes my life easier than I would buy it ten times over.

5. ISOFIX Car Seat Bases

We have a MaxiCosi system. So many people told us that the seat belt method of securing your baby’s car seat into a car was perfectly safe. And I am sure it is. After all, it is the method that was used for many years. However after travelling recently in a family member’s car that did not have the ISOFIX option I am so glad that I have got the bases. They are so much easier for a start. I can just click the babies in and out and the base gives a loud click/beeb (with three green lights on the base) when the babies are installed correctly and safely. It also lets you know if something is not correct with the security at any point. With the seat belt method I was worried for the entire journey that I had not secured them correctly or that the seat belt would somehow come away and I would not notice. It was an added optional expense but I am so happy we chose to buy them for an extra piece of mind.

And one thing I did buy that I really wish I hadn’t?

Chicco Next To Me Dream

Our babies would not settle in this thing for love nor money. We tried buying an extra mattress for it, as the base felt really hard but it made no difference at all. We bought a couple of Moses baskets for half the price and they slept in them just fine! Such a shame as they are a really lovely idea but the bottom is so hard I don’t think they could get comfortable at all.

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