Weird Things My Babies Do

(That Are Actually Totally Normal)

It was the same with my pregnancy. There were things I’d ring my mum and say were happening to me. Things that were odd or gross or freaked me out and she would say ‘oh yes, I remember that feeling’. Well why did nobody tell me about these things? I swear you only get told about 1% of what will happen to your body. The rest is left to finding out when it happens to you and frantically googling that you aren’t giving birth to the next Conehead!

Babies are the same. There are things nobody warns you about, they do it and then you freak the fudge out! Here is my list of common things my babies do that gave me heart palpitations but that, I have been promised, are tooooootally normal…

  1. Weird Breathing

Babies breathing is weird. As I looked at my tiny mini mes, I expected them to do everything like me. Just cuter! But babies breathing isn’t regulated yet and will go in strange little cycles, called Periodic Breathing (I knew some science stuff! Get in!). It is actually normal for your baby to hold their breath for up to five seconds before continuing on their little cycle way. They can even end this holding with a gasp and quickened breathing as their body catches back up. One of my little ones got into a rhythm with their breathing but the smaller of the two did not! She really scared me a few times. Be rest assured that short holds of breath are normal, as are a variety of grunting, snuffling and panting. If you are ever worried, you know best so get that bubba checked out!

2. Weird Nappies

I knew about the tar nappies. Although I was so ill after the operation that I missed all of those ones! I knew generally what to expect but it’s hard to know once you are a week or so in whether your babies nappy is normal or not. Is it meant to this colour? Is this consistency right? It’s been a day and a half since a dirty nappy, is she going to explode? Babies, especially preemies like mine, don’t have regular bowel movements yet. So to go more than a day without a dirty nappy doesn’t mean she is majorly constipated and will back up and then all of a sudden explode in a rainbow of poop. It may be a while in between them going but if the poops are reasonably soft and of a good colour range (you can google a good colour range and find some beautiful Dulux style colour charts…😉) then chances are they’re perfectly fine. They may be slightly uncomfortable until they clear through though so expect some complaining about it! Get checked by your doctor if –

  • Your baby’s nappies have liquid but no substance or extremely loose stools (diarrhoea) that continue for more than two days. Dehydration is extremely dangerous!
  • Your babies nappies ever contain blood.
  • Your baby has majorly lessened/stopped getting wet nappies.
  • Seek help or advice if your baby is continuously constipated, with rabbit like poops and severe pain going. In the meantime, give your baby an ounce of cool, boiled water in between feeds to help soften stools and clear baby out.

3. Constant Sneezingoes my baby have a cold? Have I not made her warm enough? Oh lordie, she has pneumonia! They sneeze all the time. When they’re born, especially when they weren’t expecting to cut their womb stay short, babies airways are sensitive and clogged up with a lot of stuff! Over the first few days and weeks my little ones sneezed so often. At first I thought it was cute, then I worried I hadn’t made them warm enough and had made them sick and then I just got used to it. Babies aren’t as immune/desensitised to as many things are we are so their sensitive airways are tickled by much more. So even after they’ve cleared their airwaves of whatever was still around they’ll carry on their little sneezles for a while. If your little one is really wheezing with their sneezing, get them checked out as tiny lungs may need a little look into.

4. Funky Gunky Eyeballs abies eyes are a strange thing. They never seem to be bothered if there is gunk or an eyelash or gosh knows what just hanging around in there. They also never blink! While you may find it hard to win at a staring match with a baby, nobody is quite sure why. The leading theory is that since babies spend so much time asleep, they don’t get dry eyes like adults do and so don’t need to moisten them as often by blinking. The other thing that weirded me out was quite how cross eyed they could go! One eye in, one eye out. Both eyes in, both eyes out. It’s just odd (and hilarious). Babies eye muscles aren’t trained yet so they just go where they please. Try moving slowly side to side in front of your little one in the passing weeks to help develop them.

5. Apparently Gagging On Airs with the sneezing, babies have been floating in liquids and all sorts so may have things left to clear out when they arrive. Expect some random gagging or what may seem like choking and coughing while they clear the decks. Obviously check your baby if it is making any choking or gagging faces or noises but don’t think they are going to perish at every little cough. Every time my little ones made a noise anything like any of the above and I was straight up, across the room like a whippet. Now, I’m slightly more used to it I am still whippet like (you can obviously never be too careful) but my heart doesn’t come out of my chest they way it used to.

*You know your babies better than anyone else. Even if you have only had them for a few days, you may feel something isn’t right. Go and get it checked. If someone thinks you are being dramatic or overly worried, tell them to shut up! You, most probably, carried that little one for best part of a year without being able to check on them or see them to make sure they were ok. Now you can have them in your arms and checked as much as you like when you are worried or unsure. So don’t be afraid to do so!*

People with more than one baby, or who have had a baby (or two…) for a while will already know all of these but as a new mum they really freaked me out! So if you are a new mum or a mum to be then at least somebody has told you about some of the scary, odd things your little one may be doing. Because nobody flipping well told me!!


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