How I Ended Up With Two Wedding Dresses

If you’ve read my wedding dress shopping checklist (if not, check it out here) you’ll know that I said you should be prepared. Anyone else think of the goat from Hoodwinked when they say be prepared? With all the horns? Be prepared. Be prepaaaarreed. Anyway, I thought I was prepared when I went for my bridal appointment at my local boutique. I had perused the collections. I had googled the dresses I liked the look of to see if anyone else had worn them and posted pictures. I did my research. But then a few days before my appointment the one dress I loved the most disappeared. It disappeared off the boutique site and the designer’s site. I had obviously missed out somehow. It must have been discontinued!! So I found a couple more dresses that I loved the look of. I took a screenshot and saved them to show the bridal assistant.

Except I never did! I went and got so carried away with all the dresses me and my ma had to choose from that I totally forgot about the ones I loved from online. I tried a couple of them on by coincidence anyway! Dress four out of six and I was in love. It was princessy and sparkly and I could swoosh in it. It even matched my shoes perfectly. I bought it there and then.

Two days later I was searching through the same boutique’s site for maid’s dresses when I noticed a section of sale dresses. Low and bloody behold. What was in there? My dress! The one I loved. The one that had mysteriously vanished. It had been discontinued. But of course I hadn’t thought that that meant they would have to sell of the sample size. And it was in my size. So I went the next day, tried it on and now I have two wedding dresses. One for the ceremony and one for the reception. Both are big and poofy and princess worthy but I don’t care. I love them both and I can’t wait to wear both on my day! (And my second dress was discounted from £1850 to £595!)

Both my dresses are from Ronald Joyce

My beautiful Ascot wedding shoes are from Irregular Choice

My one stop shop for wedding day dreams is Ann Bridal. They supply dresses, accessories, little people formal wear, maid’s dresses and suits!

Leave a comment below if you think I should post my dresses and shoes!


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