My Wedding Dress Shopping Checklist

So I found it! My perfect wedding gown. Well, technically, I found two 😉 (for more on that tale give this a read)! With one of the biggest parts of my day now sorted I thought I’d share my tips of how to find your special dress without the stress!

How to prepare?

Do your homework. Look at the collections that the store has online before you go if possible. This way you will already have a head start on your appointment. Most bridal appointments last between one to two hours and with getting changed in and out and making decisions that time can go really fast. If you haven’t read the linked post above then I’ll give you a hint. Check the sale sections if they have one!! It’s an amazing place to grab a bargain.

Who to take?

Choose a small party of trusted advisors to take. Leave behind anyone who you already know will have opinions totally controversial to your own. You don’t want to be talked out of your dream dress by fashion nay sayers! Take a select few, who will give you honest but constructive opinions and criticism.

What to wear?

Wear underwear! I know this may sound like an obvious but from what my bridal consultant was saying apparently it’s not! Wear a strapless bra, or one where you can easily tuck the straps in, if you’re thinking of trying on a multitude of styles. I wore a simple nude strapless bra set from Wonderbra. It was comfy, it didn’t show through any fabrics and it helped me fully visualise what most of the styles would look like on the day.

What to take?

If you’ve already found, or been given, any of your wedding add-ons then take them to your appointment. I already have my shoes and it really helped see how much my dress would need to be taken up etc, as well as if the dress even matched the shoes I wanted to wear. Veils, tiaras and other jewellery are also brilliant to match the dress to and check they all coordinate.

How to beautify?

I wouldn’t suggest going crazy with your make up for the day. Again this is all about helping you visualise what the dress will look like on your big day. Keep it simple as most brides go for a more elegant simple look on the day itself. Hair is also a good thing to keep simple as some bridal consultants will pull veils on and off you to help you see the full effect. They might also ask you to put your hair up for a glitzy shouldered dress. Also, taking on and off big gowns can be hot and tiring. You don’t want to look like a hot sweaty mess!

How to try on?

Although you’ve done your homework, still be open minded. You never know what might suit you that you never thought would. Also your favourite silhouette may look awful on you! Pick a few dresses at first. I picked a few of the silhouette I loved and then a couple of wild cards of different shapes to try on. I ended up being right about my shape but I could easily not have been. Make sure you look at the dress all over, top to toe and back to front. If you’re not sure, then I’d say it’s not the one.

Most of all enjoy the experience! Whatever happens in the future you will never try on your very first wedding dress again. Good luck and I really hope you find that magical moment.


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