REVIEW – 4moms mamaRoo Rocker 4

My babies, like thousands of millions of others, love to be rocked to sleep. Side to side, up and down, back and forth. Sometimes any motion will do. And with two to keep happy, on solo days that’s a bit of a handful! If you’ve read my other posts or follow us on Instagram, you will know that we have an automated rocker. It sounded like the perfect solution to my problem. Here is what we made of it!

What is it?

The rocker we purchased was a 4moms Momaroo 4. It was advertised as the ultimate rocker being the only one to perfectly mimic parent’s movement. It comes with five different movement options including Car Ride and Rockabye and a built in white noise system. The option is also there to plug in your own audio if your baby likes a certain sound to sleep to, as well as being Bluetooth enabled so you can control your rocker from the app on your smartphone.

It also has a built in mobile with three switchable balls that rattle and have a mirror on them to stimulate baby and keep them entertained. The seat is adjustable for different sitting options and has a three point harness fitting. On their website it says that they are used in hundreds of hospitals for babies as they are so parent-like with their movements. With all the rave reviews and features, we thought we’d give it a try!

How did you get on?

We purchased ours from Amazon for just over £230 and have the multi-coloured fabric version. The system is easy enough to slot together with no real instruction reading necessary. The seat fabric is soft and durable and quite easily removable. You can also feel baby through the back of it so you can tap their bum or back for comfort if you like. The adjustable seat is easy to work and isn’t overly complicated with buttons or locks etc. The three point harness however leaves a lot to be desired. The central locking part is nice and padded with fabric, whilst the two side parts are made from quite rough, hard fabric with no coverings. I have to wrap blanket around them to stop the harness digging into baby’s sides (and that’s with the seat lying down as much as possible so the strain on the harness is minimal as can be). If we have it any looser or tighter we have found that they just sit in the wrong places.

The built in mobile seems slightly off with the angle, somehow feeling like it is meant more for the parent than the baby. It feels like it should be turned more towards them when they are sat in the rocker. For the price you pay, the mobile also feels slightly flimsy. But it is a magical tool! My babies love to stare at the patterns (they were mesmerised) and the fact that you can remove the balls from the mobile to play with hands on is also a fab addition.

The app is easy enough to install and set up. It’s nice to know I have the option to control it from wherever I am, if I am weighed down by another baby and can’t quite make it over to adjust speed level or the music etc. However I found that after a few uses the app has sat unused on my phone as I don’t want to go far from my baby in an automated machine!

The white noise system is ok, with five different sounds with adjustable volumes. There is running water, crickets, ocean waves and two ‘womblike’ white noise sounds. The sound is quite tinny and harsh to listen to, especially at a higher volume setting. We haven’t tried plugging our own music in yet. It just seems easier to play our own sound through our Sonos or other devices if we want to. Also the rocker itself is not quiet. The sound of the rocker is almost a white noise in itself and with that added to the built in sounds, it just becomes a bit of a hissy din.

The buttons to operate the rocker are big and easy enough use, with a bright screen to show which movement and level of speed you are on. It’s kind of hard to tell which level you have your sound at but if you use the app you can see nice and clearly.

So to the all important part! The unique ‘parent’ movement. You have five to choose from. Car Ride, Kangaroo, Tree Swing, Rockabye and Wave. Each movement has five different speed levels. But to be honest we can’t really operate them on anything lower than three. On levels one and two we found the movement was shaky and juddering around, it was not smooth at all. We had to pump the speed level up to get any type of smooth flow going with the rocker. But then our babies like being practically whiplashed to get rocked to sleep you have to rock so vigorously 🙄, so that’s how they preferred it anyway.

Overall thoughts?

Our little ones have fallen asleep in it a few times, especially Beau who loves falling asleep during any type of travel or moment. And in my last post about the rocker I was one of the rave reviewers. But now that we have had a lot more time with the babies and a lot more use out of the rocker I have found things that I’m not so keen on. For the price we paid there are a couple things that would have been so easily fixed by the company, such as the cheap harness. Here’s our quick summary…


  • Helpful as an extra set of hands. Especially for all you multiple or super busy parents.
  • The mobile balls are really well designed to capture their attention. Being removable and interactive was a great idea. Although the mobile seems at a strange angle from my point of view.
  • The technology features are a good idea and are easy to install and get going, although I’m not sure how much use they will get.


  • That flipping harness!
  • The white noise system is harsh sounding and tinny. I recommend to just use your own devices for noise tbh!
  • The big selling point of this rocker is the unique movement making it the ‘ultimate rocker’ but with the lower levels being so shaky, I’m not all that convinced.

Overall I would still recommend a 4moms rocker but if I had to buy one again I might buy the simpler version as most of the features on ours go unused…

If you’d like to check out the rocker for yourself, you can do so on the 4mom site here! Or on Amazon here.

Our other post talking about the rocker can be read by clicking here!


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