Show Your Mama Pride!

Being a mum is magical. It’s definitely like being part of a club or a group. There’s someone who will always love you and need you and when you have your baby to take places with you, you know you will never be alone.

But when you don’t have your baby with you do you still want everyone to know that you’re a proud mama? Well here’s a quick look at my favourite companies that let you do just that!

Old English Co.

The Old English Co provide some great ways to show your opinions and thoughts, as well as your mama pride, with their range of enamel pins. They include slogans, with my two favourites being the ‘mama’ and ‘coffee first’ pins. I have mine on my changing bag at the moment as they match perfectly! There’s also some great uplifting ones if you need a bit of a morale boost as well as some great ones for summer or your holiday. My favourite option for the summer would be their cute, fruity pineapple pin. The pins are a great, affordable way of showing your personality and can be moved from bag, to coat, to jumper so are very versatile.

If, like me, you are a bit of a stationary geek then you’ll be thrilled to know they also provide fab planners, notebooks and greetings cards. As well as wall prints for your home!

You can shop their enamel pin collection here! They are also holding a great competition at the moment to win a set of their enamel pins. To read more and enter head to the page here. Good luck!

Momma Makes

Feeling like a comfy sweater kind of day? You can have one in style with Momma Makes Tired Mum’s Club sweater. You can even personalise to your own style with a range of sweater and font colours to mix and match from. Mine is a lovely classic pink and black combo. You can also buy the slogan on other products including cool and breezy tops for the summer, mugs, bags and pins. Other slogans are also available for mum’s, as well as ones made for grandmas and the babies in your life too. Click here to head on over to shop their range now!

Penelope May Boutique

As well as amazingly cute hair accessories for little ones, Penelope May also offers more slogan tops for you to wear. My favourite at the moment that I’m pining for, as I’m planning my wedding, being their ‘wifey’ sweater. They also have slogans for you to match to your little ones, such as the adorable ‘mama’ and ‘mama’s bestie’ set. The company also offers great Fiver Friday and Saver Saturday deals with their products. Follow them on social media to be the first to find out when! Check out their site here!

If you do have your little one with you then personally I think there’s nothing cuter than matching outfits. Bigger companies such as H&M and Matalan have all brought out mother and child matching ranges for this summer. But here is a smaller company that I love that also provide matching clothing.

Cute As A Button Boutique

Cute as a Button now provide a Family Matching Sets range with twinning swimming costumes, dresses, tops and accessories. My favourite on my wishlist is the Love You More beach hats with co-ordinating slogans. If you’re not into matching clothes they also have the most gorgeous young children clothing. Their ranges are fashionable and up to date and are at great prices. If you follow them on their social media outlets they also offer special offers and discounts. Have a look here for their matching ranges and get an amazing 15% discount when you sign up to their newsletter!

Please do have a quick look at these sites if, like me, you want to show your mama pride and personality with some clothing and accessories. Follow them on social media for the latest offers, sales and deals and maybe you can also pick yourself up a bargain!

Happy shopping!


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