Mummy Can I Be A Princess?

I have been waiting with excitement, maybe a bit too much, for the royal wedding but during the last few weeks or so I have seen some people comment on how the monarchy is an archaic and outdated institution. Whilst I can see where some people would get this idea, the history of it all is part of the reason why I love it! The rites and rituals and systems that they follow, I just love it all. But now this royal wedding has really opened that up to be blended with the modern world and whilst I was unsure at first, I can see now how that would be an amazing thing and how it fills so many with hope for the future. These are the reasons that I believe it brings hope to my girls for their future as well.


Back in the day an American divorcee would not have been so welcomed into the family (Wallis Simpson anyone?) but now Meghan has been welcomed and married and with much publicity and grandeur. Whatever they are secretly thinking and whispering in their royal corridors, outwardly they have accepted her as one of the family. The fact that she is also mixed race is a hell of a turnabout for a family that includes Prince Philip! In a country full of patriotism hopefully the example of acceptance from the monarchy can trickle down into us commoners.


Did you see the way she just walked into that church? On her own? Probably frightened and nervous and worrying she is going to trip the hell over. But she did it. Meghan also took the bold choice to walk down half of that long ass aisle on her own. She showed that she is a totally independent woman who, despite the fact that she is marrying into a huge dynasty and will no longer be free to choose some of her own paths herself, has found much acclaim in her own right. Her tireless efforts to support female rights and freedom the world over will never be forgotten no matter who she marries and I very much doubt they will cease now she has such a huge platform!

I will not obey

Meghan took the brave move to adapt the vows she spoke when marrying her prince. Although most of the speech remained intact the noticeable missing of the word ‘obey’ was picked up by the media worldwide. It should be of no surprise that Meghan would choose to not promise to obey a man with her aforementioned work for female independence being so highly publicised but it is a lovely nod to females everywhere that no matter who you marry you are not their possession.

Modern VS historical

Kate and Will’s wedding seemed lovely at the time but now looking back on it after this one it seems old and stifled and a bit too traditional. Now with myself loving a bit of history and rite and passage etc I was really unsure when that choir began to sing Stand By Me on Saturday. But now when I’ve rewatched it and with the rest of the wedding also being so alternative, I can see how it fits in and it’s really touching. To have so many modern twists to their wedding shows real hope for future generations that the world can change and accept new things. It can accept mixture of cultures and beliefs. It can accept a mixed race woman into a very solidly white, traditional family. I think it’s a lovely message to send out to younger people watching. That change can come, that it can be accepted and that you can be accepted to.

Dreams can come true

There has been photos of Meghan circulating of her posing with a friend outside Buckingham Palace at age 15. Although I’m sure she didn’t dream of becoming a princess specific to Harry, what little girl hasn’t wanted to be a princess at some point in their lives? A chance encounter with a mutual friend has made that happen. Fairly quickly as well! Take that chance, meet that friend, you never know what dream they might make come true!

Some people may say that I have thought way too much into the wedding and that it was just another expensive wedding day that has come and gone. But I thought it was moving and beautiful and a real step in the right direction for a world that I would be happy for my girls to grow up in. Let’s face it, we are currently in a world that is far from that at the moment!

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